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Marketing Chariot To Your Donors

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Chariot Overview 🐎

Short Bio - Chariot allows donors to donate with their Donor Advised Fund in just three clicks, without every leaving a nonprofit's website.

Social Media - LinkedIn


Free DAF donor outreach email template 📨

Subject line: Donate with your Donor Advised Fund in just three clicks!


You are an essential part of our community here at [NONPROFIT NAME], and I’m writing to let you know about a new opportunity for our supporters to contribute to our mission more easily through donor-advised funds (DAFs).

Without supporters like you, we could never [NONPROFIT MISSION]. In the past, you’ve shown interest in [NONPROFIT PROGRAM], and your gifts have helped us [PROGRAM SUCCESS], [PROGRAM SUCCESS], and [PROGRAM SUCCESS].

Right now, we are raising funds for [NONPROFIT PROGRAM DETAILS & EXPECTED IMPACT], and we are so excited to share that donating through your DAF is now just as easy as paying with a credit card or Venmo

Have an existing donor-advised fund? Please consider making a contribution from your DAF directly on our website [LINK TO DONATION PAGE].

Interested in learning more about DAFs? Check out Chariot's Guide to DAFs to see what it’s all about and how it can benefit you and support our organization. Please reach out if you have any questions at all.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Sincerely, [NAME], [TITLE] [EMAIL] [PHONE]


Industry Statistics 📈

Check out the 2022 DAF Giving Report by the National Philanthropic Trust

  • $234B in DAF assets, growing at 40% YoY

  • 1.3 million DAF accounts, growing at 37% YoY

  • The average DAF donation is over $4K


Branding Assets & Guidelines 💫

Logos - Use the Chariot logo for marketing releases, targeted donor outreach, social media promotion, partners pages, and other instances in which you are referring to DAF donations.

Chariot Logos
Download ZIP • 248KB

Marketing Materials - Use these marketing assets to promote DAF donations and your organization's use of Chariot. Attach to your emails, newsletters, or add to your social media posts.

Social Media Graphics
Download ZIP • 7.24MB


Adding Chariot to your website

If your organization is using a Chariot Link or iframe, check out these examples below highlighting the optimal placement of your DAF donation experience.

Add a hyper-linked button directly on your donation form


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