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How DAFpay works for nonprofits


DAFpay makes giving with a Donor Advised Fund easy, fast & seamless for everyone (1).gif

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made for your
Donor Advised Fund

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Raise more with embedded DAF giving

With DAFpay

Donors give with their DAF at the moment of inspiration
Donors make a DAF gift with 3 clicks, in 15 seconds directly on your site
Donors make larger gifts when they see their DAF balance & easy boost options

Without DAFpay

DAF donors are more likely to give with their credit card, if they give at all
Donors spend several minutes navigating their DAF platform, off of your site
DAF platforms are never optimized to increase the size of gifts leaving the fund

Engage DAF donors
with better data

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With DAFpay

Get a DAF donor’s name & email immediately when they give
Thank DAF donors right away & know exactly how much they submitted
You and your donor can check a grant’s status any time

Without DAFpay

Get a mailing address weeks later with incomplete donor info
Go back and forth with a major donor to check if a DAF gift was submitted
Wait for weeks with no insight on the status of a gift

Simplified process to receive DAF grants

Group 49466.png

With DAFpay

DAF grants are sent with a Tracking ID so you can keep track and easily reconcile gifts
DAF funds arrive in as little as 24 hours 
DAF gifts arrive with the same data format, no matter which DAF it comes from, for easy integrations

Without DAFpay

The vast majority of DAF grants are sent as individual checks in the mail
Checks arrive in the mail weeks or months after a DAF grant is submitted
Every DAF’s grants arrive in a different format, with different information and on different timelines

See DAFpay in action

Get DAF ready with the most
nonprofit DAF resources anywhere

DAF Academy
An 8-part curriculum on DAFs curated just for nonprofit fundraisers
Knowledge Hub
Answers to every question you have about Donor Advised Funds and using Chariot
Industry-leading interviews, stories and announcements on DAFs added weekly

Try out DAFpay for yourself
with our interactive demo

World's fastest DAF donation
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2. Login
3. Submit

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Chariot is here to support you at every step

Optimize your website for DAF giving
For any paid customer of Chariot, our team of experts reviews how our tools are implemented to make sure you’re set up for success
Market your new DAF capabilities to donors
For any paid customer of Chariot, our team can supply custom branded images for social media and outreach templates to get more DAF donors using DAFpay
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