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Frequently asked questions

  • Why do I need a DAF fundraising solution?
    Donor Advised Funds are the fastest growing vehicle in philanthropy (+9% yoy) with over $229 Billion available for immediate donation and $52 Billion donated in 2022. By creating a DAF donor strategy, you make sure to capture this highly active and intentional philanthropic base while also preparing your organization for the continued growth in DAF donations in the coming years. Chariot is designed to support you across the board so that you can maximize your DAF donations and DAF donor stewardship. To learn more about the recent trends in Donor-Advised Funds visit
  • What plan should I choose?
    We have provided general guidelines based on organizational contributions above, but ultimately the plan that’s right for you will depend on your organization and the features you think you’ll most need. As a general rule of thumb, the “Essentials” plan is our most popular plan and includes all of our key features, including the Chariot iframe, 1:1 onboarding support, DAF fundraising strategic support, and DAF provider list configurations. These features & support benefits will help ensure you realize the maximum increase in DAF donations. Pricing for our “Enterprise” plan is highly customizable and designed to work for organizations doing anywhere from $50 Million to $500+ Million in annual contributions. Please reach out to learn more!
  • How do free volume & processing fees work?
    Like a pre-purchased data plan, each Chariot subscription comes with a pre-set amount of DAF processing volume. If you exceed your plan limit, though, don’t worry - all your DAF donations will still be processed and received as usual. For all DAF donations beyond your plan limit, a small processing fee will be invoiced to cover the costs associated with the excess volume processed. Chariot’s standard processing fee for excess volume is 2.9%.
  • What’s the ROI on Chariot?
    The ROI for Chariot comes primarily in 3 forms: Increased Conversions: Chariot’s ideal donor experience reduces steps and redirects. This results in more donations from happier donors. Increased Gift Sizes: DAF donors are very generous, with DAF donations averaging 24x larger than typical credit card gifts. Chariot pairs Boost Technology with DAF account balance rendering to encourage even larger gifts. Unlocking more DAF Donors: By identifying DAF account holders from their very first donation, Chariot allows you to find these high potential donors right away and powers you with the data you need to turn these initial gifts into major gifts over time.
  • How will I receive my DAF donations from Chariot?
    For nonprofits registered with Chariot, your organization will receive all DAF donations directly from each Donor Advised Fund provider in the same way you currently do. Each DAFpay gift will come with a unique 5-digit Chariot ID that you can use to mark the gift as received in your Chariot dashboard.
  • Where will I see my DAF donations?
    All donations and associated transaction data will appear directly on your Chariot dashboard. If you use Chariot’s API or leverage one of Chariot’s CRM integrations, this data can appear directly in your CRM. Every donation will also have a Chariot ID which you can use to match the funds when they’re received from the DAF provider (whether via check or electronically). This way, you can easily tie the money received to the donation in your dashboard.
  • What are the benefits of working with Chariot directly?
    If we’re already working with your fundraising platform you should absolutely turn on that integration feature. This way Chariot will automatically appear in the optimal spot on your donation form ensuring that seamless DAF donations are readily available to every DAF donor who visits your donate forms. If we’re not currently live with your fundraising platform working directly with Chariot is the best way to make sure you have the best in class tools and support for an optimized DAF fundraising strategy. We do have some clients who have Chariot live via their fundraising platform and still choose to work with Chariot directly to make sure they’re 100% optimized in their DAF strategy and ROI - if you’re a large nonprofit and think this might be relevant, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at To see a full list of active integrations visit
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