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About us

Thousands of organizations are raising more DAF dollars with Chariot. Here's what they think of our product.
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Our journey

Chariot was founded as a Public Benefit Corporation in 2022 by our three co-founders, Salo, Aaron, and Drew. Aaron and Salo were former college roommates at the University of Pennsylvania, and Drew and Aaron met on the first day working at Bain & Company.


The three of them shared a passion for philanthropy and were committed to donating 10% of their income each year to charity. They quickly bonded over how difficult it was to stay organized around that goal.


Their first project, MyTenPercent, was a social banking app designed to manage your charitable dollars. Through MyTenPercent, they learned about Donor Advised Funds, which had recently become known as the fastest-growing vehicle in philanthropy. However, they realized that it was not possible to donate with these accounts online.

Enter Chariot. Making giving with your Donor Advised Fund easier than giving with a credit card.

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