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Are you missing donations from DAFs?

Introducing DAF Scan by Chariot

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DAF Scan

There’s 1,151 DAFs and often they have incorrect, incomplete, or outdated contact details on the 1M+ nonprofits eligible for DAF grants.

That means lost checks and discouraged donors who think they can’t use their DAF with your organization.

With DAF Scan, we scan the largest DAF provider’s information connected to an EIN, flag inconsistencies, and help address these errors.
The Report
of nonprofits have address errors & inconsistencies at major DAF providers
of nonprofits aren't listed at all
We were shocked to find out there were over 100 different addresses for us across DAF platforms.
- Development Leader, International Medical Research Institution

Apply for your
DAF Scan today

“We had no idea that we weren’t listed on Vanguard Charitable!”
- Development Leader, Large Private High School
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