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Safeguarding your data

Chariot builds its products with control, security, and transparency in mind.  We prioritize securing our products and practices right from the start.

Secure by design.

Secure cloud infrastructure
Chariot is hosted on AWS cloud infrastructure, leveraging years of safety enhancements to ensure maximum performance, resilience, and speed of deployment.
End-to-end encryption
We use a combination of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) to keep your personal information safe.
Continuous monitoring
Chariot's infrastructure is continuously monitored using industry-leading intrusion detection systems. Our 24/7 on-call team ensures all alerts are immediately acted on.

Donor centric.

Donor-owned data
Your data belongs to you. We build the tools to make giving your charitable dollars simple and secure. Nonprofits (or any other third party) will never be able to access your personal data.
Explicit consent & permissioning
Chariot never submits grants without donor consent and verification. Chariot prompts donors to review and grant consent to all grant requests.

Our whitepaper.

Security first
Since day one, security and transparency have always been priorities at Chariot. With Chariot’s universal and reliable API, nonprofits can accept grant requests from Donor Advised Funds through a single API.
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