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5 DAF fundraising strategies your nonprofit needs to know

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Source: Kristine Ensor, Givebutter

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1. Make DAF giving easy ✨

Donors won’t know they can contribute to your cause using their DAF unless you inform them! There are several steps you can take to ensure finding your organization and giving with DAFs is as seamless as possible:

  • Make it easy to find 👀 Include a DAF donation option on all of your fundraising forms, pages, and newsletters.

  • Educate supporters 🧠 Add a section to your website or donation page that educates readers on DAFs, grant opportunities, and planned giving programs.

  • Communicate with your team 👋 Educate your staff on what DAFs are and how to communicate your grant needs effectively.

  • Craft a communication plan 📣 Create a plan for engaging with DAF donors for your staff, board members, and volunteers to follow.

  • Send targeted messaging 💌 Target DAF donors with specific appeals via direct mail, email, and social media.

2. Know your donors 💡

You can’t have a DAF fundraising strategy without the right donors. Educating your supporters on donor-advised funds and how they can make a difference with them is vital—and so is connecting with DAF donors before and after they give.

Find, educate, and strengthen relationships with DAF donors with in-person seminars about DAFs and how they can make a difference for your organization. And never underestimate the power of asking directly in one-on-one conversations, “Do you know about donor-advised funds?”

As you learn which donors have a DAF and which are interested, don’t forget to keep track of this information in your Chariot dashboard.

3. Understand sponsoring organizations 🤝

Donors often use community foundations or the charitable arm of companies like Fidelity to house, invest, and ultimately grant DAF funds. DAF sponsors like these have grant-making abilities and are often the ones to find nonprofit recipients that fit donors’ interests. Donors trust sponsors, so it’s in your interest to earn the trust of sponsors, too!

Through proactive outreach and networking with sponsoring organizations, nonprofits can learn more about DAF opportunities and build relationships with sponsors that can benefit them well into the future.

4. Incorporate DAFs into your planned giving programs 🎁

While DAF donors can’t give from an IRA, that shouldn’t stop you from educating planned giving prospects on DAFs—and educating DAF donors on planned giving.

Many planned giving donors have access to complex assets and would be willing to donate those to your nonprofit, but unfortunately, some donors shy away from the complicated system that exists with these gifts. Plus, many nonprofits are not prepared to accept them. DAFs make it easier for nonprofits and donors to include complex assets in legacy gifts.

5. Take a different approach with donors and DAF sponsors 💌

Since donors receive immediate tax breaks when they contribute funds to their DAFs through sponsoring organizations, they don’t need a tax receipt or official acknowledgment in the same way that a donor giving through a credit card does. That said, don’t skip this critical step of acknowledging their gift!


Free DAF donor outreach email template

Subject line: Donate with your Donor Advised Fund in just three clicks!


You are an essential part of our community here at [NONPROFIT NAME], and I’m writing to let you know about a new opportunity for our supporters to contribute to our mission more easily through donor-advised funds (DAFs).

Without supporters like you, we could never [NONPROFIT MISSION]. In the past, you’ve shown interest in [NONPROFIT PROGRAM], and your gifts have helped us [PROGRAM SUCCESS], [PROGRAM SUCCESS], and [PROGRAM SUCCESS].

Right now, we are raising funds for [NONPROFIT PROGRAM DETAILS & EXPECTED IMPACT], and we are so excited to share that donating through your DAF is now just as easy as paying with a credit card or Venmo

Have an existing donor-advised fund? Please consider making a contribution from your DAF directly on our website [LINK TO DONATION PAGE].

Interested in learning more about DAFs? Check out Chariot's Guide to DAFs to see what it’s all about and how it can benefit you and support our organization. Please reach out if you have any questions at all.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Sincerely, ‍[NAME], [TITLE][EMAIL][PHONE]


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