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Engaging Networks Launches Chariot Integration, Adding Donor Advised Funds As A Payment Method

Any Nonprofit using Engaging Networks is now able to easily tap into billions of dollars donated through DAFs

WASHINGTON D.C. - Engaging Networks, a globally-trusted online fundraising and campaigning platform, has launched a new partnership with Chariot to offer an integrated & streamlined Donor Advised Fund payment method for their clients.

Donor Advised Funds are charitable giving accounts that allow donors to set aside funds for charitable purposes and receive immediate tax benefits. Over 2 Million Americans now have access to Donor Advised Fund accounts with over $234 Billion available that has to go to a 501c3 nonprofit. The funds in these accounts grow tax free to fuel ongoing charitable giving, but donating money out of a DAF can be a lengthy and complicated process for donors. Fortunately, thanks to this innovative partnership between Engaging Networks and Chariot, Engaging Networks clients can now accept Donor Advised Fund gifts directly on their donation form in just 4 clicks!

Not only is the donor experience greatly improved leading to better conversion, but nonprofits also get instant data for immediate donor stewardship. Engaging Network clients can now identify Donor Advised Fund donors from their very first donation which is a meaningful value add considering the average Donor Advised Fund gift in 2022 was $4,798, making it 24x larger than the average credit card gift.

With this enhancement, Engaging Networks is expanding its range of payment options, empowering organizations and their supporters with greater flexibility when it comes to supporting charitable initiatives. Currently available only to the US market, with plans of expansion.

Engaging Networks customers can learn all about this new integration and how to get started in this section of the Engaging Networks Knowledge Hub.

About Engaging Networks: Engaging Networks is an innovative digital engagement technology platform with the ability to fully adapt to a nonprofit’s fundraising and advocacy needs. Engaging Networks proudly works with a variety of important organizations such as The Humane Society of the United States, National Wildlife Federation, The Nature Conservancy, Human Rights Campaign, PETA and Amnesty International. To learn more, visit

About Chariot: Chariot is the only company that lets donors checkout on a donation form with their DAF bank account while providing nonprofits immediate transaction data. Donor Advised Funds are the fastest growing vehicle in philanthropy with $234 Billion, growing +40% year-over-year. DAF dollars have to go to a 501c3, but historically all gifts have been processed offline ($46 Billion in 2021). Chariot improves giving from every DAF-based charitable giving account and is directly integrated with fundraising platforms serving over 20,000 nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits can set up Chariot on their website in minutes to immediately start accepting DAF gifts and improve their DAF donor stewardship.


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