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DAF donations in just 3 clicks

Chariot allows nonprofits to accept Donor Advised Fund donations directly on their website. Never worry about missing out on another DAF donation.


Lightning fast giving.

Chariot is the fastest way to donate with your Donor Advised Fund. Donate in less than 10 seconds.

3 simple steps

Select your DAF provider, securely log in to your account, and click submit.

The fastest growing vehicle in philanthropy

Donor Advised Funds are specialized financial accounts used for the sole purpose of donating to the causes you care about.


Total DAF assets

Growing at 40% YoY, DAFs are becoming increasingly popular. The average DAF donation is over $4000.


DAF donors

DAFs have started gaining mainstream adoption. The number of accounts has grown 500% since 2016.

A new payment option.

Sign up today for free and start accepting DAF donations immediately.

Add Chariot now

Register for a free account or learn about partnership opportunities.

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Integrated with over 60% of the DAF market

Chariot supports the largest players in the DAF market and is building out integrations with all providers. If a DAF is not yet fully integrated, donors can still give through the unsupported DAF flow.

Impact. That's fast.

Chariot is transforming the DAF market through financial infrastructure and intelligent tools.

A Public Benefit Corporation

Billions of DAF dollars are trapped behind archaic login portals. Chariot strives to get more donations to the causes that need them by making DAF giving seamless, social, and connected.

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Our investors

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