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Giving Season Giveaway from Chariot!

Every DAF grant received through Chariot enters you to win a ticket to the 2024 DAF Giving Summit!

26% of Nonprofit revenue is raised in December (according to the M&R 2022 Benchmark report), so it’s clearly the most important month of the year for fundraising. In support of all the hard work nonprofits are putting in this giving season, we’re offering a special promotion:

For every DAF grant our customers receive with Chariot through the end of the year, they’ll be entered into our Giving Season Raffle for free Admission & Travel to next year’s DAF Giving Summit!

The DAF Giving Summit on October 16-18, 2024 is the premier professional event for educating, innovating and connecting around all things DAFs. It’s an incredible opportunity for nonprofit fundraisers to build relationships across the Donor Advised Fund ecosystem and hone their own DAF fundraising capabilities.

Our team had the chance to attend the 2023 DAF Giving Summit and came away with some amazing insights that they shared in a recent blog post. Their overarching takeaway was that “The DAF Giving summit was absolutely buzzing with excitement around impact, innovation and education. There are incredibly talented people leading the DAF charge on all fronts and everyone there could feel the sensation of being at the forefront of a wave that’s starting to really pick up speed.”

We encourage every fundraiser to consider attending if they’re able to and are excited to share the opportunity with the winner of this month’s giveaway! There’s no entry required, all you need to do is promote your Donor Advised Fund capabilities and encourage DAF gifts wherever you’re soliciting donations this month. The more DAF gifts you receive through Chariot, the greater your chances of winning.

Good luck to everyone this giving season and let the Chariot team know if you need any help making the most of it!

Full details of the promotion are below:

  • Each completed DAF gift through Chariot’s DAF payment solutions generates an entry in our raffle

  • Organizations with Chariot’s DIY, Essentials, Professional or Enterprise plan all qualify for the giveaway

  • A winner will be chosen at random on January 2, 2024

  • The prize includes one paid ticket to the DAF Giving Summit in Nashville on October 16-18 and travel expenses up to $2,000


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