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CrowdChange and Chariot Supercharge Donations to Nonprofits with DAFpay 

New online option will make it faster and more convenient to donate via donor-advised funds to 501(c)3 groups, which will increase giving. 

Thousands of 501(c)3 groups using CrowdChange for digital fundraising can now seamlessly accept donor-advised fund (DAF) donations online through a new partnership with Chariot, which powers DAFpay, the world’s first online DAF payments solution.

This new online option enables donors to more conveniently and quickly give to high-impact nonprofits, which will boost donations in this fast-growing area through funds that they have already contributed to their DAFs.

Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) have grown from 7% of annual charitable contributions in 2017 to 17% in 2022, and represent $230 billion in AUM, making them by far the fastest-growing vehicle in philanthropy. In 2022, $52 billion was given from DAFs to nonprofits (According to National Philanthropic Trust). 

Until now, DAF donations have been completely disconnected from the high-inspiration fundraising efforts and giving campaigns for nonprofits.

Integrating Donor Advised Fund (DAF) giving into the CrowdChange ecosystem creates a new revenue stream for our nonprofit partners, transforming a traditionally manual, labor-intensive, and mostly offline process

"DAFpay offers a seamless online giving experience, enabling donors to effortlessly contribute to the nonprofit of their choice using their Donor Advised Fund,” said Jared Allen, VP of Partner Success & Product Development at CrowdChange. “We are thrilled to launch DAFpay on our platform and eagerly anticipate helping our partners expand their DAF giving portfolios."

With DAFpay by Chariot, donors can issue a grant directly from their DAF account to their nonprofit’s fundraising campaign in just three clicks that take under 15 seconds. Nonprofits will immediately know that the gift was made and receive the donors’ contact information to properly steward the donor. All the data typically collected on CrowdChange-powered donation forms will be readily available for nonprofits right in their admin reporting.

The average DAF gift in 2023 was $4,625 (according to Fidelity Charitable), making it 23x larger than the average credit card gift (according to the Blackbaud Institute). DAF donors can often be a nonprofit’s most highly valued and consistent supporters. That’s why it’s so critical for nonprofits to provide an optimized digital giving experience for supporters making DAF donations with payment solutions like DAFpay now natively integrated into CrowdChange. 

“We’re thrilled to be able to work with CrowdChange to empower more nonprofits to capture the opportunity available in the rapidly growing space of donor-advised fund giving,” said Elon Packin, Chariot’s Head of Partnerships. “CrowdChange is a leading fundraising platform and we know the impact of unlocking digital DAF giving for their clients will be immense.” 

Check out the Help Center article to learn more about our DAFpay integration, or reach out to your dedicated Partner Success Representative for a 1-on-1 consultation.

About CrowdChange

CrowdChange is a leading-edge digital fundraising and event management platform that enables nonprofit organizations to transform their fundraising efforts by adding a seamless, robust, and easy-to-use digital component to their strategy.

About Chariot  


Chariot is a charitable payments company that is accelerating philanthropy with a financial system custom-built for the nonprofit ecosystem. Our three-click DAF payment option, DAFpay, enables seamless DAF giving anywhere you donate online: nonprofit websites, campaign pages & donation forms. We power digital DAF giving for some of the largest nonprofits in the country - like the American Cancer Society, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center & Michael J. Fox Foundation. Learn more at


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