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Why DAFs work with Chariot

Our dedicated DAF payment network lets your customers easily and securely use their DAF account anywhere they are inspired to give online

Putting DAFs Front & Center

Our DAF payment option is featured on 10s of thousands of donation forms

Making DAFs top of mind for millions of charitable individuals
Promoting our DAF partners to this audience
Enhancing the user experience for our DAF partners’ customers
Helping nonprofits increase their impact

DAFpay is compatible with over 70% of the DAF market by volume

“Chariot is bringing critical innovation to the DAF space, flipping the script on the way grants are recommended by donors and remitted by grantmakers. DAFpay is a huge step forward for donors, nonprofits, and DAFs themselves.”

Ashby Foltz

Co-founder & COO,

"Chariot helps us fulfill our mission of helping people be more generous, more often. With its innovative DAFpay, Chariot makes it even easier for Daffy members to give from their DAF whenever and wherever they feel inspired.” - Adam Nash, cofounder and CEO of Daffy 

Adam Nash

Founder & CEO,

“We are excited about the increased impact Chariot is helping us deliver, by making it simple and seamless for DJCF donors to connect with the causes and organizations they care most about in our community.”

Megan Hyman

Dallas Jewish Community Foundation

Growing DAFs.
Accelerating philanthropy.

Donor Advised Funds are proven to:

Change donor psychology
Significantly increase generosity
Optimize taxes for donors
DAF donors
The number of DAF accounts in America has nearly tripled over the last several years...
401k holders
However, 401k account holders outnumber Donor Advised Fund donors by a factor of 20...
Americans give to charity
Yet, the majority of people in the United States give to charity on an annual basis.

Making DAFs as popular as 401ks

Increase awareness of Donor Advised Funds among the donating public
Improve the visibility of Donor Advised Funds in the places where donors give
Enhance the nonprofit and donor experience with DAFs, without any extra burden on the DAF sponsors

Together, we can make DAFs the preferred charitable wallet for donors, which can drastically increase charitable saving and giving.

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