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Chariot Customer Spotlight: Colel Chabad

Hear from Efraim Duchman, Development leader at Colel Chabad, on how Chariot has revolutionized their DAF fundraising.


Colel Chabad is an incredibly impactful nonprofit organization, dedicated to fighting hunger & poverty in Israel, deploying $85M towards this mission in 2021. For them, Chariot has revolutionized their donor-advised fund (DAF) fundraising. With the seamless integration of Chariot's DAF donation tool directly on their website, Colel Chabad has experienced an impressive transformation in their fundraising efforts, resulting in increased donor engagement, improved donor experience and increased efficiency with some of their highest value donors.

Let's take a closer look at the impact of Chariot through the words of Efraim Duchman, Development Leader at Colel Chabad, speaking to an audience of 170+ nonprofits during an educational webinar hosted by FundraiseUp.

Better DAF Donor Data

"Once we had [Chariot] set up, our DAF donations were coming in in a much easier way, and we were getting much better data," shares Efraim. Chariot provided valuable donor information, including email addresses and phone numbers, which were previously unavailable when receiving traditional checks. This enhanced data empowers Colel Chabad to deepen their relationships with high-value DAF donors and create more personalized experiences.

Improved DAF Donor Experience

The positive response from donors has been overwhelming. "Donors loved it. We got great feedback…. When you make things as donor friendly as possible… donors will respect the organization” The newfound ease and convenience of using Chariot's DAF donation tool has resonated with supporters, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction. This exciting development has created an easier pathway for donors to use their DAF instead of a credit card on their website - which is the best way to “find” more DAF donors, leads to much larger gifts (DAF gifts are 24x as large as credit card gifts on average), and allows them to steward those donors appropriately.

Increased DAF Donations

The success stories from Colel Chabad's recent campaigns showcase the tangible impact of using Chariot. "One was our Purim campaign, which was a great success.”

By creating a unique link specifically for the Purim campaign, Colel Chabad efficiently targeted DAF donations, resulting in a remarkable 180% growth in DAF fundraising.

Additionally, they sent targeted emails to existing donors, both those with DAFs and those without. The response was remarkable, with an increase in DAF donations from previously untapped sources.

One of the most striking discoveries for Colel Chabad is the incredible potential of DAF donors. As Efraim emphasizes, "The DAF donors have super high potential, 30 to 40 times larger than other gifts."

Integrate DAF Giving with Events

Chariot has also revolutionized Colel Chabad's peer-to-peer and matching campaigns. For the first time, donors can participate in these events with donations from their DAF. Prior to using Chariot, donors who wanted to contribute to these campaigns only had the option to donate offline to the organization through their own DAF portal, completely separated from any one event or campaign. These large gifts couldn’t be displayed in the campaign total or qualify for matching gifts in real time, limiting the momentum that makes these types of fundraising events so effective. “With our matching campaigns… sometimes you’ll have a donor [who] is going to match any donation in the next three days up to a certain amount and you have to get those donations within those three days. With Chariot, you get the data, you get the notification, and the dashboard is really easy to work with. You’ll see exactly how many donations came in that day and you’ll be able to apply it towards your match.” Before Chariot, you have to go through the negative impact, especially with matching donations, of when the donation is coming, if it is coming, and how it is coming.

Appealing to Younger Generations of Donors

The integration with Chariot has also opened doors to a younger donor demographic. Colel Chabad's recent Purim campaign attracted a significant number of younger donors with DAFs, contributing to sustained growth and engagement. By staying innovative and utilizing technology, they have positioned themself as an organization that resonates with the next generation of philanthropists.

Efraim recognizes “using the latest technology is super important.” By embracing innovative solutions like Chariot's DAF integration tool, Colel Chabad stays at the forefront of nonprofit fundraising, continuously improving donor experiences and optimizing their operations.

Easier Donor Communications about DAFs

It's crucial not to overlook the potential impact of DAFs, even among donors who have not utilized a DAF in the past. By informing all donors, not just those who have previously donated from a DAF , about the new partnership and simplified donation process, Colel Chabad ensures that no opportunity is missed. By advocating for all donors to leverage efficient means of supporting them like DAFs, they have showcased their commitment to staying current and maximizing their impact.

The integration with Chariot has also facilitated better communication with donors, allowing Colel Chabad to provide timely and personalized follow-ups. "With the Chariot integration, we were able to receive an email and properly thank the donor, which was very helpful.” The ability to promptly acknowledge donations and engage in meaningful conversations further strengthens the relationship between their organization and its supporters.

Optimizing Digital Giving

Looking ahead, Colel Chabad is taking proactive steps to maximize the potential of DAF donations. They are revamping their donation page and website to more prominently feature Chariot's DAF donation button -Making it clear and easily accessible for donors to contribute through their DAFs with just three clicks.

Colel Chabad's journey with Chariot's DAF tool is a testament to the power of technology in amplifying the impact of nonprofit organizations. By harnessing the tool's capabilities, their organization has experienced increased donor engagement, higher fundraising results, and streamlined operations.

About Colel Chabad:

Colel Chabad is the oldest continuously operating Tzedakah organization in Israel. It was established in 1788 by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of the Chabad Lubavitch movement. Colel Chabad is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.

Colel Chabad's sole purpose has always been to help the most destitute residents of Israel in a manner that preserves and enhances their dignity. For over 200 years Colel Chabad has remained faithful to its mission to help any Jew regardless of age, gender, marital status, ethnic background, location, or degree of observance.

About Chariot:

There’s $234B sitting in Donor Advised Funds and your organization deserves more of it. Chariot enables 3-click DAF donations directly on your website so you can acquire & retain more DAF donors while saving hours of staff time. ~40% of DAF donors give with a credit card on your website first - with Chariot you’ll get more of them to give from their DAF so you know who they are, get larger gifts, and better steward those relationships.

Chariot improves giving from every DAF provider and is directly integrated with fundraising platforms serving over 20,000 nonprofit organizations. You can set up Chariot on your website in minutes, then start accepting DAF gifts and thanking those donors immediately. Learn more at


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