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Customer Story

Giving What We Can raises nearly $150,000 in first month with DAFpay™️

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Giving What We Can, a tech-forward nonprofit that’s amplifying high-impact philanthropy, built out a custom integration with DAFpay™️ in record time and achieved exciting results.
  • Seamless technical implementation for a customized use case of DAFpay™️
  • Vastly improved donor experience with an average DAF gift of over $18,000
  • Streamlined reconciliation for database & finance teams
Giving What We Can (“GWWC”) is a nonprofit dedicated to “making giving effectively and significantly a cultural norm.” Their technology is a core part of how they advocate for increased philanthropy and make it easy for people to follow through on their philanthropic goals. Through their proprietary platform, they both share research on highly effective charities in different cause areas and process donations to those organizations. 

Like many organizations across the sector, GWWC has seen growing support in the form of “offline” Donor Advised Fund gifts in recent years. When the team learned about Chariot’s solution to integrate digital DAF gifts into their platform, they were excited about the opportunities that feature could unlock. 
In the first month, they saw 8 DAF gifts come through DAFpay™️, averaging over $18,000 per gift. 

Before Chariot

DAF giving disconnected from their custom donor platform 
Significant manual effort to track DAF gifts in their system 
Seeking ways to get more DAF funding

After Chariot

3-click DAF giving embedded directly in their giving experience 
Seamless reconciliation of DAFpay™️ gifts with internal systems 
Raised nearly $150,000 in DAF gifts organically within a few weeks of their soft launch  

Easy Implementation

“The documentation is just fantastic,” shares Sarah Baka, Technical Product Manager for GWWC. “Even getting set up and creating a sandbox environment was super quick and saved a tremendous amount of development time.”


Sarah and her team were able to do a “soft launch” of DAFpay™️ in late January, 2024, after only a few weeks of development work. 

"The documentation is just fantastic. Getting set up was a breeze."

DAF Fundraising Success

Once the integrated DAF payment option was live on their checkout forms, they started seeing several major organic DAF gifts in the first few weeks - without any promotion of the new feature!

In the first month, they saw 8 DAF gifts come through DAFpay™️, averaging over $18,000 per gift. 

These gifts included:
  • Donations from first-time supporters of GWWC
  • Two gifts worth $50,000!
  • One donor that used their DAF multiple times to support different causes on the platform
“While it’s still early, we did already hear from one donor who complimented the DAFpay™️ donation flow and how much of an improvement the integrated process is,” adds Sarah. Before DAFpay™️, donors would have to leave the GWWC website, navigate their own DAF portal (which typically takes several minutes) and GWWC wouldn’t have any insight until the gift arrived weeks or months later.

"We saw two $50k gifts in the first week of using DAFpay"

The whole organization has transparency on DAF gift details and status while being processed that they never had before.

Streamlined Reconciliation

Not only does the fully embedded DAF payment significantly improve the donor’s experience while making the gift, it has also led to exciting efficiencies internally for the organization. Sarah explains that “paying with DAFpay™️ is an almost instant verification and that now helps our accounting team keep track of payments much more easily.”  

When the DAF gift is initiated through the DAFpay™️ button on GWWC, the donor’s name, email and key gift details automatically enter their systems to streamline reconciliation. The whole organization has transparency on DAF gift details and status while being processed that they never had before.

These efficiencies are critical for an organization focused on high-impact philanthropy and regularly does their own self evaluation on how much impact is actually achieved for every donated dollar. They want to get as much out of every dollar as possible, and scaling innovative technologies is a big part of how they achieve that goal. Sarah says that the team is “excited to do a full public launch in the coming weeks and can’t wait for all the other innovations underway with Chariot’s products!”

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