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Getting Started: The Chariot Dashboard

Table of Contents


Phase 1: Registering for your account

Step #1: Navigate to to register for an account.

Step #2: After entering your email and creating a password, complete your registration by filling out your name, selecting your nonprofit organization, and agreeing to Chariot's Terms of Service.

Click continue to create your account!


Phase 2: Selecting a plan

Note: Skip the following steps if your organization has already selected and paid for a plan

Step #3: If you see an "Action required" banner at the top of your screen blocking your access to Chariot Components, you will need to select a plan to continue

Step #4: Click "select a plan". Get started immediately with the Chariot Starter and Essentials Plan. If your organization is interested in the Enterprise Plan, select the "Talk to us" button to speak to a sales representative.

Have questions? Reach out to us at

Step #5: After selecting a plan, you will be redirected to a secure checkout link to finalize your payment.

Congratulations! You now have full access to your Chariot Dashboard.


Phase 3: Chariot Components

Once you have registered for an account and selected a plan, navigate to the Components Tab to access your suite of no-code DAF fundraising solutions.

These components are pre-built and ready to go for you nonprofit - just copy and paste the relevant link or code snippet to your website or other forms of donor engagement.

Express Checkout Button

Chariot's Express Checkout Button is an accelerated DAF checkout experience that can be added anywhere on your organization's website - just copy the HTML snippet from your dashboard.

When donors click the button, all they have to do is select their DAF, confirm their donation, and fill out some brief contact information. See example below.

Embeddable Tile

With its user-friendly design and optimized user experience, Chariot's Embeddable Tile is proven to boost conversion rates. The Embeddable Tile includes educational elements to inform your donors about Chariot and the impact of their contributions.

You can even customize the Tile to match your organizations brand theme!

Weblink & QR Code

If you don't already have a Donor Advised Fund Ways to Give page, Chariot's got you covered. Chariot's Weblink & QR Code redirect your donors to a Chariot-hosted DAF donation page. These components are great for newsletters, social media posts, and live events.


Phase 4: Transactions Dashboard

Chariot's transaction dashboard provides you with a home base for all of your DAF donations. You can view all of your DAF donations or filter by date and donation status.

Each transaction line item provides your organization with the name, contact information, and Donor Advised Fund provider of the donor so you can thank them in real time to steward these key relationships.

Whenever your organization receives a DAF donation through Chariot, we will send you an email notification. See below.

Donation Status & Chariot IDs

All donations from Chariot will be initially marked as "Initiated" in your dashboard. Once you receive a donation, you can mark it as received by clicking the checkbox on the left hand side. Make sure to save your changes!

How do I know which DAF donation to mark as received?

Each Chariot donation (whether a check or wire transfer) comes with a corresponding Chariot ID. These can usually be found in the memo line of a check or the grant note attached to the donation.

Use this Chariot ID to identify the corresponding line item in your dashboard. Use the search bar to make it even easier.


Phase 5: Adding Team Members

(Only available to Enterprise customers)

Step #1: Navigate to the Account Tab and select "Organization". Scroll down to the "Team Members" section and click "Invite"

Step #2: Type in the email address of the team member you want to invite and click "send".

Note that the invited user is marked as "pending".

Step #3: After you invite your team members, they should receive an email from Chariot with instructions on how to get access to your organization's account.

After they claim their account, the status in your own dashboard should change from "Pending" to "Active". Added team members will have full administrative access to the dashboard.

Have questions? Reach out to us at

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