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Why should my organization use Chariot?

Ideal Donor Experience

3 clicks, no redirects, less than 15 seconds. It’s that easy.


Larger Donations
On average, DAF gifts are 24x larger than credit card gifts. Additionally, Chariot's Smart Boost Technology maximizes donations based on donor's available account balance.

Eliminate Staff Burden

The Chariot dashboard provides your organization with a simple reconciliation and automatic DAF grant initiation confirmations.

Identify DAF Donors

Uncover these high potential relationships from their very first donation.


Steward High Value Donors

Know immediately when DAF gifts are made. Get donor name & email for a timely thank you.

"Our nonprofit has too many payment options, why should I add DAFs?"

DAFs vs. Stocks vs. Crypto
Total annual DAF gifts are 652x more than crypto donations

Lifetime Value of DAF Donors
[Mitch study of $30K vs $5K]

More Donation Options = More Revenue

  • 85% of Baby Boomers want more digital payment options

  • 80% of donors feel comfortable using digital technology for donations

  • 20% of donors reconsider giving when their preferred payment method is not presented

  • 4-5 payment methods is the optimal amount to maximize donations

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