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Security & Privacy

Can a donor give anonymously through Chariot?

The Chariot modal on Fundraising Platforms doesn't actually collect any personal information. It's serving purely as a payment checkout. So if the form itself allows for it to be submitted anonymously then the gift will be anonymous. The transaction will still generate a unique Chariot ID though so when the funds are received from the DAF provider you will still be able to easily tie out the gift to the transaction line item even though the personal details will be anonymous.”

Donor security and privacy

What we collect - any information from the donation flow - includes donation amount and donor contact information. (Unless they opt to be anonymous)

What we store - user's interactions with the Chariot button and information about the Nonprofit organizations that we work with and the Grants that we submit on behalf of donors. We will also store donor information if they provide it. However, all this private data is only used to facilitate donations and is never shared with anyone. Note that all data is encrypted in transit and at rest using industry standard protocols for encryption - AES-GCM-256

All of our data and processes are based in 
AWS data centers in the US. See their security practices here.

If you want to see our third party audits please email us at

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