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A revolutionary payment option

Supercharge your nonprofit's fundraising with direct access to the $234B DAF market.

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Our Products.

Enable your donors to give with their DAFs in just three clicks, directly on your organization's website.

Donation form

Add Chariot directly to your existing donation form through one of our fundraising platform integrations

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Chariot Links

Generate a custom link or iframe to add to your website, newsletters, social media campaigns, live events, and much more.

Enterprise solution

Add Donor Advised Funds as a payment option to your in-house donation form with Chariot's trusted API.

Try it now.

See how participating nonprofits are supercharging their DAF fundraising.

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Experience the world's fastest Donor Advised Fund donation through our interactive product demo.

Test Credentials:

Username: good-user

Password: password123

Getting started

Know your donors.

Foster relationships with your DAF donors like never before.

Chariot dashboard

Track all of your DAF donations via the Chariot dashboard. Collect contact information, DAF provider details, donation status, and more.

Seamlessly connect your donation records to your existing software provider or export them as a CSV. 

Chariot ID.

With Chariot, each DAF donation will come with a Chariot ID that you can use for record keeping.

Chariot ID

Your organization will still receive DAF donations in the same way you are used to -- either via check or ACH.

Just match up the Chariot ID to your dashboard line item and mark the donation as received.

There's more

There's more.

Maximize your DAF fundraising through machine learning optimizations and full DAF provider coverage.

Boost your donation

Chariot uses machine learning based on account balance to suggest custom amounts for boosting donations.

Complete coverage

For DAF providers that Chariot is not yet integrated with, donors are redirected to their DAF to complete the donation.

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Why use Chariot?

See why nonprofits choose Chariot as their solution for DAF fundraising.

Time to donate

Number of clicks to donate

Give to peer-to-peer campaigns

Track DAF donations

Collect DAF donor information

Boost DAF donations

10 seconds


Other DAF tool

Several minutes


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