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Get more
from DAFs

Donor Advised Funds are the fastest growing vehicle in philanthropy.  Put them front and center with Chariot.
Join tens of thousands of nonprofits benefitting from Chariot's DAF payment option

DAFs are the future,
get ready with Chariot.

Donated from DAFs in 2022
Average annual growth of DAFs since 2017
3 Million
DAF donors
Learn more about the importance of Donor Advised FUnds for nonprofits (link to blog

Seamless Donor Advised Fund giving
with the click of a button

change cover!!!

Start collecting DAF gifts
wherever your donors give


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Central Park Conservancy converts more DAF donors with DAFpay’s 3-click, 15 second solution embedded in their donate form

Try it now


Pan-Mass Challenge finds new DAF donors by integrating DAFpay in their peer-to-peer fundraising pages

Major gifts

Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research gets larger DAF gifts with smart nudges & suggestions in DAFpay’s checkout flow

The button
made for your
Donor Advised Fund

Powered by Chariot

DAFs frustrate nonprofits.
They don't need to anymore.

Raise more
Find more DAF donors by enabling DAFpay
Convert more with the fastest way to give
Get larger gifts with smart nudges
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Engage donors
Get DAF donors' name and email
Improve stewardship by thanking donors
Total transparency with grant status tracking
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Simplify process
CRM integrations with real-time data
Faster payouts - in days, not weeks
Fully integrated data with your platform
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Taking the first step is easy

DAF Scan
Don’t miss another DAF gift - run DAF Scan to find listing errors at major DAFs
of nonprofits have address errors & inconsistencies at major DAF providers
of nonprofits aren't listed at all
DAF Academy
Become a DAF pro with Chariot’s curated DAF curriculum for nonprofit fundraisers
of nonprofits say knowing how to ask for DAF gifts is the biggest hurdle
2.2x more
Raise more by proactively soliciting DAF gifts

Try out DAFpay for yourself
with our interactive demo

World's fastest DAF donation
1. Select
2. Login
3. Submit

Username: good-user

Password: password123

Learn more about the importance of Donor Advised Funds for nonprofits

NP advisory, benchmark study, what is a daf (new)

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